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Shameless movie plug

Guys, if you have the time and occasion, go see "The Fall." It's a movie set in the 1920s about a little girl with a broken arm who befriends an injured stunt man (whose life is kind of a mess), and he tells her these really elaborate stories. It's visually amazing and the acting is sweet and natural and really heartbreaking at points. I'm aware that it's the kind of film that makes all my personal wishes as a moviegoer come true (epic, honest, beautiful to hear and look at), but I think anyone would enjoy it who isn't fazed by the occasional disconnection or non sequitur in the fairy tale parts. I would also say that you sometimes have to be willing to stay a step or two behind the plot until the pieces all come together, but when they do, it's really rewarding. I enjoyed it more than any movie I've seen in years (again, I have some bias, but still, it was very good).

Besides, I'm worried that people won't go see it and then the DVD will be $30 when I go to buy it in several months. :)
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