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Anniversary and moving and stuff.

Yesterday was the two-year mark for me and Mike. We went to The Melting Pot courtesy of a Christmas gift card from my brothers and their families. Quite the experience...very tasty. Mostly I feel happy and lucky that he's mine and I am his. (Love you, baby, with all my heart.)

The apartment is getting barer...I've packed up some books in order to sell the bookshelf, which went today, and the dining room set is pledged to none other than Alex Mattingly's little sis, Naila, which was a strange twist of Craigslist fate. Had a few offers on the TV, the dresser, and the coffee and end tables; the sofa, the chair, and the other bookshelf are likely going to Mike's family or friends; the bed goes back to my family; and everything else gets scrapped or dismantled (we're going to attempt to take his drawing table and my computer desk). It's honestly really stressful, and I hate watching stuff go--most of it has either been in my family for years or has been hard-purchased to fill out my apartment, which I've loved--but it will be a relief in many ways. Certainly financially.

We did run into a problem a few weeks ago due to the kitties. I've been planning on taking them, no questions asked. But recently Bo's been having digestive problems (on the carpet) and Kii has been rambunctious and just really undisciplined (also on the carpet). Coupled with the fact that we're not actually supposed to have cats where we're going, and any damage they'd do would not be taken kindly, I've been trying to come to terms with the possibility of leaving them here. I've changed their food and they seem to be doing better. I just hope I'll get to take them after all.

This is my last week of work as well. My work friends are not going to much trouble to hide being sad. Which is good, 'cause I fully plan to bawl at the end of the week. :) I'll miss them a whole lot. They've been great new friends, and wonderful to work with. I imagine we'll still send some ridiculous emails back and forth. Emily has already promised me some prank phone calls. And I'll still be working for the company as an independent contractor, so if the workload stays what it was, I may have an extra source of cash.

I got an email saying that my textbooks for teaching should be arriving soon--it also told me that orientation for teaching was a week earlier than we were led to believe. Eep. But, that also means that I'm guaranteed at least a week to plan and settle in before classes actually start. I don't get the impression we're going to be encouraged to do much planning of our own--sounds like we follow a pretty common syllabus. But I'm hoping I'm wrong, or at least that I can request to try a few things differently. One of the advantages of being with a dude whose career paths fall pretty closely with mine is that we get to talk about all the things we want to change in our line of work. It just also raises our expectations to levels that we're pretty unlikely to have access to for a while. Oh well. It's still nice to make plans. When I'm not busy being nervous, I really look forward to getting to teach this year.

That's pretty much what's happening, other than some hang-outs scheduled here and there and some last-minute wedding errands to take care of on my week off. I'm getting closer to finishing my book...I think I might be at 80%? The hope is to finish it by the end of September, and then get started on new projects. And, there's packing, for added fun. And spending time with the family. They're holding up okay. I was proud of my mom yesterday--she's been talking about grad school like it's just a jaunt away until I inevitably drift back toward Indy, but yesterday she said that she understood it might take years before I'm able to stay in one place for a while, let alone before it'll be feasible or desirable to move back to Indy. It's weird to think about. But that's sort of what I'm signing up for, and if I'm right, it's what I want. I'm just going to do what she suggested and become a very good pen pal and phone-caller, and to keep up with people as best I can.

Time for bed. :)
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