Tracy (redmouse) wrote,

Some friendly news.

I promise I'll have a real update soon; I've been swamped, but I noticed this bit of follow-up regarding my last post. McCain has officially told his crowd to calm down, not to falsely fear Obama, and to keep things respectful. And, true to the principles I laid out in the last entry, I will judge him as much by those words as I do by the others. I still feel that his campaign on the whole is trying their best to spread some pretty disrespectful lies, but good words are good words no matter what the context or the potential motives. Good job, sir. Good job for attempting to bring some truly troubling Americans one step closer to being civilized.

I have to laugh at this, though: people in the audience actually boo when McCain asks them to be respectful. He handles it well, but guys, seriously..."Boo" for respect?
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