Tracy (redmouse) wrote,

First anniversary.

Um. I've booked myself into an extremely busy (but awesome!) weekend with my dude and my girls. And God?? :) So I won't get to post anything about this tomorrow, when it would be more accurate. But.


Thank you for being someone I can trust, and thank you for trusting in me--for wanting to see me go places and do good things. Thank you for encouraging me in my efforts and for persuading me that it's not necessary to beat myself up in order to succeed. This is a difficult task you have taken on. Fortunately, you are perfect for it.

Thank you for demanding goodness from an imperfect world. Thank you for wanting to make things better however you can. Thank you for trying so hard, and for working as hard as you do.

Mike Meginnis, I love you. Every day I love you. Thank you for being so good, so sweet, so driven, so affectionate. Thank you for making it obvious that you love me too.

Thank you most especially for being mine. I am yours. For a long, long time.
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