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Grad school update.

I'm going to New Mexico, officially. Kind of old news--they were always my favorite. The new news is that I'm lucky enough to take Mike with me.

I grew to like the program and the director more and more as we talked, and he was so eager for both of us to come out. He tried for a month and a half to get some money for Mike to compete with the other school that accepted him (10 hours away in Riverside, CA, I might add). We got a call from him last Sunday. They found an assistantship for him, which means we both will have a generous amount of money and more than enough to go.

So, this is pretty much the coolest thing that could've possibly happened. The odds of both of us ending up accepted to programs within driving distance of each other, let alone the same program, were next to impossible. We certainly didn't expect it.

The program is respected and laid-back. The director will do anything for his students. I'm going to get to teach and learn more about what I love. I've been looking at pictures and houses and New Mexico is absolutely beautiful in a very refreshing way. And I'm going to get to be there with my baby.

It's going to be scary when it actually comes time to move. But right now I just feel like I'm about to go on the biggest adventure of my life.
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