Tracy (redmouse) wrote,

Hi from Las Cruces

Made it safely, despite a leave time of 5:30 p.m. Tuesday and a tornado in Illinois. We are both very tired of driving.

But! Las Cruces is beautiful, the weather is nicer than expected, and we've already met and greeted a few of the people we'll be running into once school starts. Monday starts our week-long teaching orientation, and I think school starts the next Thursday or so. It feels kinda crazy. I'm lucky to have Mike here to help me not freak out.

Today we're switching utilities into our name, then we start the unpacking process--which can't possibly be any worse than the two-day loading the car and throwing out our stuff process. The Buick was packed to the limit--I kind of don't know how we got here without losing anything or throwing it out the window out of frustration. (Mike held a bike wheel with his neck for a while.)

The kitties are also fine, if scared from the drive and sick of being put in their carriers. It's not fun hiding them from the landlord, but we have a few plans and excuses in case of emergency.

I'm updating from campus today, but we're hoping to have Internet in the next few days--hopefully I'll be talking to many of you soon!

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